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Oil and Gas Prices Fall as Coronavirus Grows

Oil and gas prices are highly determined on the current economic growth or world events. Factors such as climate change, country disputes and diseases can have a negative impact on the slump in oil and gas demand however, for the consumer it can be less strain on their wallet.

At the beginning of the year we saw the Iran leader who was strategically targeted and killed by the US which had an impact on oil and gas prices. Now we are being met with a new challenge, the disease outbreak in China known as the Coronavirus, which has meant oil and gas prices are continuing to fall dramatically. Barrels have in fact, gone down roughly $6 per barrel since 20th January 2020 which is highly significant. If the spread of the disease grows it is likely that we will continue to see prices fall.

China is one of the big players when it comes to oil and gas consumption and because they use so much of the world’s oil having a disease outbreak in the middle of China is incredibly important. Following the outbreak, oil and gas demand has decreased and is now seeing prices drop dramatically already.  

The economic impact of the Coronavirus will depend on how widespread the outbreak and how quickly it can be contained. We may see further impact to oil and gas prices if the outbreak isn’t controlled effectively.

Previous outbreaks such as SARS in 2002 can suggest that the outbreak could negatively affect the consumer over the next 2 – 3 months and be compensated for later on in the year, however, that is yet to be determined.

Prices fall when demand is decreased and generally, prices will rise as soon as demand starts to increase again. Oil and gas prices are continually fluctuating but big events like the Coronavirus and climate change can have an impact on oil and gas price futures which will probably see them being lower than previous years.

Nitrogen Gas

If you are a person who loves to explore things, maybe Science is your forte. Science actually deals with a lot of facts for you to explore on with its various branches, such as Biology, Earth Science, Physics, and Chemistry.  Usually, you get to deal with living and nonliving things in Biology, the planets and the galaxies in Earth Science, various theories and computations in Physics, and periodic table of elements in Chemistry.

Now, what has startled your interest could be those numerous elements found on the periodic table of elements. Among those hundreds of elements, you might be familiar with a few, especially if you are not really that fond of this subject. Nevertheless, if you really are a brainy when it comes to Science, and you have your utmost enthusiasm when it comes to in the subject, you might be in love will all the elements, especially those which have their greatest contribution when it comes to the earth’s atmosphere. As you are living on earth, you get to be familiar with what it is composed of in the first place.

There are various elements that actually comprise the earth’s atmosphere. But of all these elements, what makes up the majority of this, is the Nitrogen gas. Nitrogen is actually known as a gas that has neither color nor smell. For this reason, it is very much impossible for one to have a test of it and even more difficult for one to be able to see it making use of the naked eye. Likewise, nitrogen gas could possibly combine with those of the other elements. If this happens, compounds are what is created. The most common examples of compounds generated with nitrogen gas as nitrite, nitrate, and ammonium.

Now, if you really are that explorer, you might be able to test nitrogen by making use of some instruments. Usually, in UK technology, this nitrogen testing is made on experiments done in schools or those done in industrial applications. But how could you possibly test such? For you to do such, you get to be familiar with two of the most common and widely used instruments to test nitrogen gas. These two are through the use of a katharometer, while the other is through the use of litmus. For you to be guided by these methods, below are some brief descriptions of each instrument and its uses, as well.

Nitrogen Testing: Katharometer

A katharometer actually is used to perceive the presence of various gases as it makes use of the thermal conductivity of a gas as its measurement. This gas is also referred to as what you know as the hydrogen.

This instrument must have a battery for it to charge in each cell to be used. What you have to do with it is to simply expose the cell to the gas which you would want to test and afterward get to have a comparison between the two.

Nitrogen Testing: Litmus

Litmus here actually refers to the litmus paper, which you must have. After acquiring such paper, you must then proceed with moistening the said paper with water, which must be filtered. Now, all you have to do is to wait for a few minutes. If you get to see the litmus paper in blue from its previous color, which is red, it only depicts that what you have on your test tube is a basic gas.

Great Ways Selling Industrial Product

Industrial marketing is known as business-to-business (B2B) marketing. This is a branch of communication and sales specializing in providing goods and services to other businesses; industrial marketing company often involve large orders and long-term relationships between producers and clients. The process of selling products to clients involves a complex process. Before the product arrives at the client’s warehouse, the two companies must reach an agreement that involves the manufacture, purchase and delivery thousands of products.

Sometimes, industrial companies provide special applications for their clients. This application is designed so that clients can easily access the company products so they can make some of the purchases, communication, product selection, etc. The application also simplifies the buying process between companies. In addition to software applications, the company also utilizes websites. In the site, they display various products accompanied by specifications and prices.

It is not easy to sell large-scale industrial products in large quantities to other companies. The company requires special plans arranged by people who are experts and experienced in selling industrial products.

Industrial products must be marketed to other companies, not individually. For example, manufacturing machines for the toy companies cannot be sold to individuals, because someone will not be able to afford them. Well, this is where the role of the industrial marketing company, they will help market products right on target. The team will conduct market research, place the product in a favorable competition, examine the nature of the customer, and predict how many products will be sold in a certain period of time.

When the team is marketing some of the industrial products, they apply utilities marketing correctly and according to high standards. Utility marketing is the process of communicating the value or usefulness of a product to consumers. Utilities marketing are involved so customers are sure to buy the product. This is a situation where a marketer tries to convince consumers that the product they are buying will provide maximum satisfaction. In essence, marketing utilities are needed to attract more customers and increase sales and profits.

Utility marketing is an important aspect of marketing that must be understood by every industrial company. Having a clear understanding of the utility will enable industrial and manufacturing companies to use various ways to reach consumers and add value to each product.

Industrial marketing is a complicated process that occurs in every industrial company, this process involves at many stages. This can involve a variety of marketing strategies, such as: Information website directed at specific targets, personalized presentations to potential clients, product samples to show confidence in product quality, and online videos to display products and sales staff. Actually, there are many marketing strategies that can be carried out by a team of industrial company marketers, if your company wants to dominate the market; it is advisable to work with an industrial marketing company. Marketing companies will become consultants in various matters related to marketing industrial products ranging from business development, digital marketing, public relations and advertising, branding and positioning, marketing research, etc.

Manufacturing and Technology’s Role

Manufacturing is the process of producing goods. Starting from raw materials to finished products. Starting from purchasing raw materials, becoming semi-finished goods, and then becoming finished products. You can find out how companies make ordering materials optimally. The number and volume of production of manufacturing companies is very large. The production process is also carried out with the help of machines so that high production targets can be achieved.

The type of manufacturing company depends on the industry and the type of goods produced. Not only that the difference in the types of goods produced will affect the length of the production process, the type of raw materials needed, and the risks that must be borne by the company. The following are the types of manufacturing industries that exist:

  • Food Processing Industry
  • Textile industry
  • Metal Processing Industry (Metalurugi)
  • Automotive industry
  • Engineering industry

Manufacturing Process Management (MPM)

Manufacturing Process Management is a program specifically designed with a collection of methods and technologies used by manufacturing companies. The method and technology isn’t always the same. Every company is different, there is a long production process and there is also a short process. A simple example of car manufacturing and the use of technology and methods must be far different. Because of its large scale, the manufacturing process requires an adequate technological system and infrastructure. With the right technology system, the manufacturing process will run smoothly and efficiently. High production and demand volumes make smoothness and efficiency important in the production process. If an error occurs that results in the interruption of the production process, the company will experience a substantial loss.

Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

Computer Aided Manufacturing is computer software whose job is to control production operations ranging from tools and machinery to material transportation and storage. This software is very important so that the manufacturing process runs smoothly and without problems.

Computer Aided Quality Assurance (CAQ)

CAQ is more about the achievements of the company’s suppliers. Is the supplier on time, the goods sent are not defective, until the discount given by the supplier to the company. The better the supplier rating of your company, the lower the risk that may arise during the production process. If the supplier’s rating is not good, the production process will be hampered.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system covers the entire company’s operations starting from Accounting, Human Resources, customer relationship management, sales, including the manufacturing process.

Simply put, ERP is the mother of MPM. If Enterprise resource planning (ERP) covers the entire company’s operations. Whereas Manufacturing Process Management (MPM) only takes care of the manufacturing section with friends, namely Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and Computer Aided Quality Assurance (CAQ).

Fruit and Vegetable Packaging Machine

Fruit and vegetable packaging machines are used during the shipping and storage period. This machine can have an effect on the level of fruit maturity. Fruit packaging is designed in such a way as to reduce chemical contamination and the effects of oxygen, light and water evaporation on the packaged fruit.

If you are wrong in packing the fruit, the fruit can ripen faster and result in damage. The following are some of the factors that can affect the fruit’s maturity after being picked and in the storage and shipping period.

Fruit Maturity Factor

Gas or Room Temperature – The gas contained in the fruit packaging changes all the time, which causes changes in the state of the fruit. After picking, the fruit takes oxygen and emits carbon dioxide. When in the room there is too much oxygen, the fruit can become too ripe.

Packaging – Fruit is usually packaged in polythene plastic bags in cardboard boxes. The fruit must be picked at the right time, making the fruit can complete a process called respiration in the process of development so that it becomes ripe as when not packed.

Air Temperature & Bacteria – Air temperature plays an important role in fruit packaging. In general, packaging must be able to allow the fruit to maintain and control the temperature, with high temperatures the results in ripening the fruit faster and more easily damaged. The effect of the temperature on the fruit maturity due to the presence of a gas contained in the fruit is ethylene gas.