Why The Travel Industry Is Recession Proof


With gas prices rising, one might think that getting into the travel industry is counter intuitive. Are people going to travel less because of the rising ticket prices?

The answer is absolutely not! Why, because even in the face of rising gas prices and airline price wars, people still NEED to travel. People need to travel for work, for graduations, to see family, and despite the fact that we may be in a recession, people STILL want to take vacations to get away from the stress of it all! So, the travel industry is still a great industry to be in as a travel agent. What’s more, the travel industry is a 7 Trillion dollar industry! That’s larger than any other consumer market in the world! Now, where do you think the travel industry is going these days?

That’s right the internet! If you are going to start a travel agency the best is to go with an internet based travel agency. It gives you the opportunity to work from home, building this business part-time or full time, it’s less expensive to get started (usually around $500 or less), and the overhead is just pennies a day. If you think about how much it takes to start most franchise business it’s tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the overhead is usually hundreds to thousands a month, not to mention advertising costs.

Starting an online travel agency is easy, and marketing and advertising can be very simple and inexpensive if you know the proper tools use. So if you are thinking about building a business in the travel industry, don’t shy away just because of the recession. In fact, if you can be successful in a recession, just think what will happen when the economy picks up again.